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avm's scope of activities

The manufacture and installation of pipework, bulk material transport and storage systems, handling and logistic systems for fluid and bulk materials, steel construction and special steel construction; industrial piping and all kinds of ductwork and fixing techniques. We are involved in engineering, metal-processing, assembly and transport activities.
AVM processes and assembles high quality products daily. As a modern company with over 25 years of experience, our service is of the same quality as our constructions. Our motivated and quality-conscious staff all work towards optimal customer satisfaction. Verification of their own work and the strong involvement of all employees underline our commitment to quality.
AVM's missie is
sound cooperation with our customers to keep them satisfied
compliance with the legal requirements in terms of ​​HSE
sound preparation across the board, continuous process improvement
assessing and minimising risks by taking appropriate preventive measures
good communication and information flow.


We calculate and optimise the cost, can supply extra support or reinforcements in order to meet the requirements of our demanding customers. We also specialise in recalculations of existing buildings. And this for steel structures ranging from mechanical structures to very large structures with several thousand tons of steel. For the petrochemical, construction, automotive and aviation industries.
AVM engineering
The engineering department uses SCIA Engineer, a 3 D calculation package for the most complex constructions. The calculations are carried out taking account of the country's local (climate) costs as well as steel construction codes, such as EC3 for Europe, AISC-LRFD for the USA, etc.
The 3D illustration package TEKLA Structues is used for the drawings. The advantage of three-dimensional drawing or modelling where the existing structures are integrated is the prevention of overlap, thanks to which possible problems can be averted and fast and effective assembly is achieved. The used drawing tools create NC files for controlling the machinery. This results in correct dimensioning.


AVM has a remote industrial surveying division backed by a dynamic team of geodetic engineers, surveyors and designers with a great deal of expertise and experience in industrial activities between them and who, thanks to their modern measuring equipment, are instrumental in machine construction, industrial and steel construction projects. The combination of modern measuring techniques and intelligent software guarantee the right perspective in the preparation of digital files, reports and 2D and 3D plans.
The partnership between AVM, the Industrial Surveying Division and the Engineering Division ensures a smooth relationship, good communication and an efficient exchange of data and information in a professional partnership where each other's needs and desires are taken into due consideration. It goes without saying that this partnership benefits the customer.
Basic information:
Guidance in the construction of steel structures, electric power plants, bridges, crane tracks, refections of blast furnaces, conveyors
Measurements in shipbuilding, docks and offshore. A specialised team carry out precision measurements in mechanical engineering
Accuracy and tolerances are determined as and when required by the project. This can range from millimetres to a few hundredths of millimetres in machine construction.
Software used in the geodeste: LISCAD - AutoCAD (architectural desktop) - Geopus
Includes radio detection devices (with passive or active) measurement capabilities.
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